Strategies and International Plans

Comprehensive document of Iran garment industry development was codified by TGU and approved by TGU’s board of directors in 2015 and it is for a 15 -year period ( Until 2030).
Based on codified strategies in international relations, 3 kinds of transactions have been planned/ predicted for three main groups of countries:
First group: The countries which can assist TGU regarding development of different sectors of fashion and garment industry with protecting mutual interests of both countries.

Second group: countries which can cooperate with TGU regarding machinery and raw material.

Third group: Countries which can be good markets for Iranian fashion and garments exports.

*Naturally some countries can be in two or all three groups.
Some of the most important achievements of international relations can be seen below:
The following map shows countries that signed Memorandum of Understanding with TGU in 2015 and 2016. It also includes countries that based on Iran apparel industry development plan, TGU would like and is attempting to have well-defind cooperation with, based on common interests in various capacities (shown in pink on the map).
map 3