About TGU

who we are

Tehran Garment Union has been the biggest and the most important organization in the Iranian private sector of fashion and garment industry for more than 50 years. This union works based on guild system regulations and has an especial role in advising the government.
Tehran Garment Union has more than 20 000 members; including 7 000 producers and 13 000 distributors and retailers.
Mr. Abolghasem Shirazi has been president of TGU since 1993 and Dr. Mansour Tirgar was selected as a vice president of TGU and president of TGU Research Center by the board of directors in October 2017.
Seven members of the Board of Directors are elected by votes of TGU members every 4 years. Based on latest election in 2013 the members of the Board of Directors are as follow:
1- Mr. Abolghasem Shirazy
2- Mr. Kambiz Morovatjou
3- Mr. Mohammad Hossein Arab Karami
4- Mr. Mahmoud Rafipour
5- Mr. Farajollah Shojaei
6- Mrs. Manijeh Khodadoust
7- Mr. Mohammadreza Shamsi Ashkzari

Mission and Vision

1. Protecting Iranian producers and Developing the producing system within Iran
2. Developing the distribution network in Iran
3. Developing the retail in Iran and helping the department stores
4. Increasing the confidence level between Iranian consumers and supply or apparel production system in Iran
5. Developing the exportations and the Iranian fashion in all international markets
6. Developing the international relations with:
a) The garment federations and unions in the other countries
b) well-known international companies
c) International well-known institutes and fashion schools
d) The Iranians who are active in fashion and garment industry outside of Iran
e) Managers and specialists of fashion industry in all over the world
f) International manufactures of raw material and equipment to support Iranian producers and companies

7. Expanding effective relations with the government to achieve governmental interests and references due to developing garment industry in Iran
8. Increasing connection with people through mass media
9. Targeted research regarding Iranian market, consumer behavior, capacity and condition of production system and supply system, design and international evolutions in fashion and apparel industry
10. Holding international fashion exhibitions within Iran
11. Supporting establishing production cities based on modern technologies and pattern
12. Supporting establishing big companies (brands)
13. Supporting fashion designers by founding the fashion designer’s association within the union
14. Organizing specialists committees in Iran Garment Union